A patent firm that doesn't just understand technology, but uses it everyday - to work efficiently and flexibly. Innovation is at our very core.

Grounded in a love of technology and an in-depth understanding of IP systems and practice, you'll see our innovative approach in every aspect of our structure. From our highly sophisticated case and document management system and communications platforms, to our central office paralegal team's expertise in electronic filing at patent offices, everything is designed so that our attorneys can choose to work anywhere, efficiently and effectively. 

exceptional support at the drafting and examination stages which minimised the effort required from our technical staff
— Dr Kate Sugden, CTO, Indigo Photonics

Ingenium IP provides the full range of IP advice: patent protection for inventions; trade mark registration for  brands; and registration of designs; oppositions and appeals; infringement and validity; searches and landscaping; IP management and strategy. Our structure and our way of working means that we can do all this more efficiently. So, we can deliver better value.

We're not your usual patent firm - our structure is different, we think differently and we work differently.

Meet our Principal: Dr Anna Molony