I work closely with you – delivering strong, clear advice and plenty of added value.

Based in Warwick, I work with clients located everywhere from the Midlands right down to the south coast. I'm also adept at working with clients’ inventors and in-house attorneys, who may be based further afield or overseas.

To ensure that each client receives my full attention, I work with just a small number of companies. This means you can rely on always being able to contact the same trusted expert to provide the highest level of expertise at all times.


And because every company is different, you’ll benefit from bespoke service that’s carefully designed to meet your specific business needs. Everything I do is tailored to suit you.

I have always believed in giving strong, clear advice that makes it simple for you to assess your IP position and take decisions accordingly. So I don’t sit on fences.




I prefer a practical, solution-focused approach that gets you where you need to be in the easiest, most efficient and effective way for you. With this in mind, I am flexible about how we work with you and how we communicate: face-to-face, by phone, via email, or in an online meeting space... It’s your choice.

My aim is to become an integral part of your team, so you can benefit fully from my expertise. This helps me to really understand your business and the world you operate within.

In my experience, the best intellectual property (IP) advice is delivered in a way that supports the ongoing operation and growth of your company. So if you’re not an IP expert, I will make suggestions and raise all the issues you need to consider – as well as advising you on and solving any problems you’re already aware of. For fellow IP professionals, I provide a trusted sounding board and an extra pair of hands to rely on.  


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