Intellectual Property Enterprise Court

The 'Patents County Court' has today been renamed the 'Intellectual Property Enterprise Court', to more accurately reflect that the full range of IP rights can be litigated there, not just patents. 

The Patents County Court (PCC) was set up in 1990 to provide a cheaper and simpler alternative to taking action through the High Court. Following the Hargreaves Review, a small claims track was established in the PCC on 1st October 2012, to provide SMEs and individuals with an even cheaper and faster way of enforcing their IP rights.

Cases in which the parties want to claim damages of up to £500,000 can be litigated using the main PCC system and are subject to a costs cap of £50,000 - significantly lower than typical costs in the High Court. The small claims track of the PCC can be used for the most straightforward cases, with a financial value of up to £10,000, that can be decided at a hearing without the formalities of a traditional trial and without requiring a substantial amount of pre-hearing preparation.

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