Innovation is key to your future success

If you want to know why your business should be innovating, Tony Robbins (world renowned business coach) makes some great points in his latest LinkedIn article. To summarise:

  • Innovation is not just about products, it's also about services and how you deliver your products and services to your customers. To gain and keep customers you need to offer them more added value than anyone else - a philosophy that Ingenium IP firmly believes in.
  • Understand where your products and services are now, decide where you want them to be and create a vision of the future.
  • Once you have your vision, innovate to get there.
  • Study the relationship between your products and the behaviour of your buyers - can you adjust a product feature to increase purchasing frequency or profit per sale? Incremental innovation can result in significant growth.
  • Innovation should be a daily habit. Don't just look at your strategy quarterly (or even worse, annually), you should be continually thinking about what your customers need now and how their needs will change in the future.

To read Tony's article in full click here