My expertise lies in advising technology companies of all types and sizes...


It can be difficult making sure you’re capturing all the innovations your engineers are generating. And you probably have 101 other things to do alongside managing your intellectual property (IP). I understand – I have worked with many early stage technology companies over the years.

That’s why I not only offer IP protection services but also IP management. So as well as filing patent and trade mark applications for you, I can also set up internal management systems, help you develop an IP strategy and give you as much day-to-day support as you need. It’s all designed to make your job easier and give your investors and board the reassurance that your IP is being thoroughly protected and effectively managed.

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As an established technology company, you’ll already be familiar with IP and you most likely have a portfolio of applications, granted patents and searches. However, the person responsible for managing your IP – often the CTO or an engineering manager – has many other responsibilities too, and may be finding it difficult to keep on top of it all as your portfolio continues to grow...

Let me help. As well as IP protection services I also provide IP management support. And because you can engage me at a day rate, rather than just the traditional hourly rate, you can squeeze more value out of your IP budget. Ask me to be on site with you for the day and, according to the people I have worked with, the value to your business is likely to be even greater.


If you have too much work on your desk, I can help take the strain. And help properly – drafting in your corporate style, working to your internal procedures, and meeting your deadlines (as well as your budget). It’s no fun giving someone a piece of work to do, only to have it delivered late, incorrectly formatted and not meeting your quality requirements – I know, I’ve been in your shoes.

Whether you need me to draft a patent specification, review a search, respond to an examination report or take care of whatever else is on your work list - it will be in safe hands. You’ll be pleased to learn that I have lots of experience of working with in-house attorneys (I was even one myself), so you can rest assured that your work will be taken care of in an efficient way – a way that works for you.